Frequently Asked Questions

What garments can you get?2017-05-08T23:37:46+00:00
We carry most of the normal ones. Anvil, Gildan, Bella-Canvas, Next Level, M&O, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, Alstyle, American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Dickies, Flexfit, Yupoong and more. If we have enough lead time we can almost get an named brand.
How many colours can you do up to?2017-05-08T23:37:33+00:00
Most of our printers can do up to 10 colours at a time, but a few of our printers can do up to 12.
What is turn around time?2017-05-08T23:37:21+00:00
Depending on prints, it can be a few hrs to a few day max. But we will do our best to get you your items as fast as possible.
What is the Minimum order I can place with you?2017-05-08T23:37:11+00:00
We don’t really have a min but for best pricing its best do 144 or higher. But we can print as little as 12 pieces if need be.
Why don’t you have prices on your website?2017-05-08T23:36:52+00:00

Each print job is different and prices are fluctuate monthly due to the price of cotton ever changing. Plus costs depend on garment, colors, qtys and types of printing (IE-pastol, waterbased, discharged etc)

What formats can I send artwork to you?2017-05-08T23:36:35+00:00
We prefer to have files sent in either Photoshop (PSD) or illustrator files (AI). But depending on what you need done, it might be okay if you send your files in a jpg or PDF.
Can I get a sample before I print the full line?2017-05-08T23:36:15+00:00

Yes. If need be, we can print a sample and send it to you, so you will confident in knowing what you are getting is the exact item, colour and make you need. We don’t rest until you are 100% satisfied.

Why should I print with your company2017-05-08T23:35:56+00:00

Besides printing with us in a city where you need your product, rather than shipping the items from another country and spending $$ on duties/customs, taxes and huge shipping fees, we can ship either in the city you need to start a tour or supply your client, and not have you spend your entire budget on shipping before you can make $$ from your product. Not to mention At RH we have experience in the touring and retail industry in Canada and know the markets and have we have several contacts in each to help with whatever needs you might require.

Which cities can you print in?2020-01-30T15:31:57+00:00

We have multiple printers in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener, Toronto and Montreal.

Where is your office located?2020-01-30T15:30:17+00:00
Our main office is in Montreal

20 Mount Vernon

Montreal Quebec


Do you do Ecommerce for your artists?2020-01-27T17:57:43+00:00

Yes we do. We can handle online sale easily. Please feel free to contact us and we can get you a quote and get you going to making sales online